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With proper maintenance, gas furnaces keep your room temperatures well-balanced during cold weather. On the other hand, a dirty furnace can tamper with the indoor air quality. By checking your furnace and air filters monthly, you can identify most of these problems before they become serious. If you require professional assistance however, we encourage you to contact our professional furnace service in Arlington.

1. How to identify whether your furnace needs cleaning?

Here are a few prominent signs that your furnace needs to be cleaned:

  • Dust and debris: If you don’t clean it often enough, everything gets dingy over time. Your furnace probably needs cleaning if it is full of hair, dust, grime, and dead skin cells. Make sure your HVAC vents have clean air filters. You should clean or replace them if they’re caked with dirt and dust and then recheck them a few days later.
  • High energy bills: If your energy bills are higher than usual despite minimal use, consider getting the furnace serviced by our professional. The accumulation of grime inside the machine may cause your furnace to consume more energy while providing ineffective heating.
  • Yellow furnace flames: Gas furnace flames should be blue. If you see orange or yellow flames, that signifies a dirty burner or flame sensor. Whatever the case may be, the furnace needs to be cleaned as soon as possible, or else, it may result in carbon monoxide leakage.

How to Clean Your Boiler or Furnace?

Here are a few easy steps in which you can clean your furnace:

  • Turn off the main natural gas supply that fuels your boiler or furnace.
  • Do not handle the parts of the system until the system has cooled.
  • With a screwdriver, loosen the screws holding the front panel in place. You can locate the heat exchanger by consulting your owner’s manual.
  • Using a rag or small brush, remove dust from around the heat exchanger and wipe the blower blades clean.
  • In order to completely eliminate dirt inside the boiler or furnace, use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a hand-held vacuum. Each unit needs to be reassembled by replacing the panel and tightening the screws.

Why Must Maintenance be Performed Regularly?

Our heating system specialist should inspect your natural gas boiler or furnace every two to three years or every year if you have a pet. In order to ensure the venting system is working properly, our technicians specializing in heat pump repair in Alexandria should evaluate it.

They should inspect the heat exchanger to ensure no water leaks are present in the boiler or that the furnace does not emit any natural gas fumes into the home. To ensure optimal performance, our technician should review the boiler or furnace system’s controls and settings.

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