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During the fall, your HVAC systems shift gears from cooling to heating, giving your air conditioner a rest. Heat pump problems may prevent your home from being adequately heated during the colder months.

What are some of the most frequent heat pump problems, and how can you solve them quickly?

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There Are Six Major Concerns With The Heat Pump

  • The pump does not turn on: Heat pumps are most commonly complained about for not turning on. You may not be able to turn on your heat pump for several reasons. A faulty wire or a thermostat that is not set or calibrated correctly for your home’s temperature could be the cause.
  • It blows cold air: If your heat pump spews cold air, make sure it is set to heat rather than cool. In cold weather, it is also possible for it to be in defrost mode. Once the defrost cycle has been completed, your system should resume normal operation within 10-15 minutes.
    A dirty air filter may cause your system to blow cold air. You can seek further assistance from our professionals performing heat pump installation in Alexandria.
  • Trouble heating your home: A dirty house air filter, dirty ductwork or debris surrounding the outside unit can restrict airflow, and dirty coils can cause a system to blow cold air in heat modes.
    Physical barriers inside your house, such as wood-blocking vents and registers, can also cause this problem. In all of these cases, airflow is blocked, rendering the device ineffective. Call our professional who is experienced in heat pump installation in Alexandria, to assess the situation.
  • Strange odors: The furnace may accumulate dust and particles over time, causing a strange odor, which usually indicates a problem. In some cases, it may also indicate that mold has grown on your unit or ducts or that animals have entered your unit. Professional help is also required if it indicates significant electrical problems.
  • Failed blower motor: If your blower motor has failed, call our reputable, local HVAC professional, experienced in heat pump and boiler installation in Fairfax, VA, to inspect your system, establish why the motor has failed, and estimate repair and replacement costs. Heat pump service issues are not always caused by an exterior unit that is malfunctioning.
  • Problems with the Thermostat: A thermostat controls the temperature of your heat pump. In the event that the thermostat loses electricity, it will be unable to communicate with the heat pump. Consequently, your heat pump won’t be able to work.

It is obvious that the thermostat is powerless since it does not have a display. Check your home’s electrical circuit if you have a hardwired machine or replace the batteries. It is possible that a circuit breaker tripped or a fuse blew.


These minor issues can quickly escalate into bigger ones and damage your HVAC systeml. Fixing the problem as soon as possible allows you and your family to resume normal activities. Taking care of heat pump problems shouldn’t be delayed. We at AVS Heating & Air Conditioning can help you save money on scheduled servicing for your system.