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How Much Does a New Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Cost in 2021

A heat pump is a versatile heating and cooling system. In winter, a heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air and moves it inside the home. In summer, it extracts heat from the surrounding air and moves it to another location. A heat pump is more efficient than a furnace and can help lower heating costs by up to 50 percent. It can also be used to replace an air conditioner. Before starting to look for a heat pump, research your options. Learn everything there is to know about heat pumps. To ensure you get the best deal, get at least three quotes.

New Heat Pump Installation Cost

The average cost of a new heat pump installation is $5,613. Most homeowners spend in the range of $4,068-$7,160. The original cost will depend on a number of factors including the equipment used, permits required, and labor charges.

Heat Pump Prices

A mid-quality heat pump can cost you anywhere between $100 and $2,800. In some cases, the final cost can go up to as much as $20,000 after adding the labor, contractor’s fees, and permit costs.

Heat Pump Cost Comparison

Type Total Installation Costs
Air Source $4,500-$8,000
Geothermal $6,000-$20,000
Mini-split $2,000-$14,500
Hybrid $2,500-$10,000
Solar $18,000-$39,000

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Air-Source Heat Pumps

Want to get an air-source heat pump installed? Expect to pay between $4,500 and $8,000. Homeowners opting for a high-end 5-ton heat pump can expect to pay up to $10,000 or more. Your actual cost will primarily depend on two factors, your heat pump’s capacity and it’s brand.

Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless mini-split is usually priced between $2,000 and $14,500. The actual cost will depend on the size of your system and the number of zones you need.

Solar Heat Pumps

Expect to pay between $18,000 and $39,000 for a solar heat pump. Solar heat pumps are available in two different setups. While one uses solar power to run the compressor, the other assists the pump by heating an intermediate fluid.

Geothermal Pumps

Getting a geothermal pump installed will cost you between $6,000 and $20,000. For complex projects that involve in-ground or pond, installation expects to pay $30,000 or more. Though a geothermal pump has a high initial cost, you will save more on maintenance in the long run. A geothermal pump can last up to 50 years.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump

  • Determine your heating/cooling needs
  • Choose between a ductless and packaged system
  • Remember to consider your unit’s sound rating

Heat Pump Replacement Cost

Most homeowners pay between $3,000 and $6,000 to get a heat pump replaced. If you want to get your air handler replaced with the pump, expect to pay between $4,000 and $9,000. Adding ductwork will push the final cost to $15,000 or more.

High-Efficiency Heat Pump Costs

Efficiency Rating Unit Price Installed Price
13-14 SEER / 7-8 HSPF $1,000-$2,100 $4,100-$5,400
15-16 SEER / 8-9 HSPF $1,500-$2,600 $5,200-$6,300
17-18 SEER / 9-10 HSFP $2,200-$3,200 $6,300-$7,400
19+ SEER / 10+ HSFP $3,100-$4,000 $7,200-$9,500

Some Factors to Consider When Computing Heat Pump Installation Cost

Some factors that will impact your heat pump installation cost are:

  • The size of your home
  • Permit fees
  • Your heat pump brand
  • Whether you want to have ducts installed

Cost ranges in the following table reflect a few variables including brand differences and regional pricing differences.

Heat Pump Capacity in Tons Total Cost Range
2 $3,500-$5,500
2.5 $3,700-$5,800
3 $3,900-$6,200
3.5 $3,900-$6,400
4 $4,000-$7,300
5 $4,500-$8,800

New Heat Pump and Ducts Installation Cost

If you want to get a new heat pump and ducts installed, expect to pay in the range of $12,000-$25,000. Homeowners who plan to get a heat pump and duct installed in an unfinished basement or attic with recent construction typically pay less ($3,000-$5,000).

Heat Pump Prices by Top Brand

Brand (complete system) Unit Price Range
Amana $1,800-$2,800
Panasonic $1,300-$2,700
DuctlessAire $1,000-$1,800
Trane $2,600-$4,200
Lennox $2,700-$4,500
Carrier $2,300-$3,900
Mitsubishi* $1,700-$11,200
American Standard $2,000-$3,200
Bryant $1,600-$2,700
York $1,300-$2,300
Rheem/Ruud $1,600-$3,200
Bosch* $1,300-$8,200
Daikin* $1,000-$10,000
Goodman $1,500-$3,900
Coleman $1,300-$3,200


Some Benefits of Heat Pumps

Need a reason to opt for a heat pump? We’ll give you 4. Here are some advantages of heat pumps.

  • Are energy (and cost) efficient
  • Safer to use than gas
  • Are more eco-friendly than gas
  • Ductless systems eliminate airborne allergens

FAQ About Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Cost

Expect to save up to 50 percent on your energy costs.

Running a heat pump will cost you between $500 and $2,000. The actual cost will depend on how well your home is insulated, whether your system utilizes an alternative heat source and your climate zone.

Expect to pay between $600 and $2,000 for heat pump coil replacement. The cost of replacing a compressor is typically between $800 and $2,800.

Expect to pay between $15,000 and $6,000 to get your one way AC replaced by a two-way heat pump.

Most homeowners pay between $150 and $600 to get their heat pump repaired or maintained.

With proper maintenance, a heat pump can last between 12 and 20 years.

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