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Fireplace Repair and Installation in Fairfax, Falls Church, Merrifield, VA and the Surrounding Areas

Looking for fireplace repair and installation in Fairfax, VA and the surrounding areas? We’re AVS Heating and Air and we’re here to help!

Nowadays, the fireplace has also become part of the home décor item. You can find hundreds of models in the market, but selecting the right one is not always an easy decision. By choosing our reliable and reputable fireplace installation company, this process can become much simpler. Our team of experts is here and ready to provide effective fireplace installation, maintenance, and repair service to our clients.

Our team of licensed, insured, and trained technicians are well-versed in all things related to fireplaces! Just give us a call and we’ll come out and help you find the perfect one for your home.

Fireplace Repair and Installation in Fairfax, Falls Church, Merrifield, VA and the Surrounding Areas

LibertyL965E A 610x340What Do We Offer?

Here are some of the fireplace service that our team offers:

  • Fireplace Service
  • Fireplace Maintenance
  • Gas Fireplace Repair
  • Gas Fireplace Service
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Gas Fireplace Tuneup
  • Gas Fireplace Installation
  • Gas Fireplace Inspection
  • Gas Fireplace Replacement
  • Gas Fireplace Insert.
  • Outdoor Gas Fireplace Installation
  • Pilot Light Issues:  Pilot light plays a vital role if you have a gas fireplace. You rely entirely on this pilot for ignition. Connect with our team if you find that your pilot light is not working correctly or is completely switched off. Make sure you turn the gas feeder off, as your home is prone to get stuffed with toxic fumes. It’s simple – contact our service desk, and wait for the technicians to arrive.
  • Replacements: Our experts can service all the models and makes of fireplaces. What are you looking for – a component replacement, or a cosmetic fix? You name it, and we can do it for you! We have access to all the manufacturing parts that can boost the efficiency and performance of your fireplace. We can offer you the best service to get your fireplace back into action and function as soon as possible.
  • Maintenance Service: We offer quality maintenance service as well. We can come to your place annually or six-monthly to perform all the relevant checks. We also test the gas lines, electrical connections, clean the fireplace components, and perform all the safety checks to ensure your fireplace works smoothly throughout the season.
  • Fireplace Installations: Get rid of your current wooden fireplace, and switch to a trendy new electric or gas fireplace. Our expert team of technicians can make it quite easy for you. Get in touch with our professionals, describe your requirements, and we are good to go. We will visit your place, assess the fireplace space, and can give you an estimate for the task. Not only this, our experienced professionals will also give you some of the best fireplace options explaining their pros and cons. You can completely trust us for quality installations and after-service.

We are licensed and certified in providing high-quality gas fireplace installation and maintenance service, and continuously focus on improving our service, and enhancing our skills. From installations to repairs and maintenance, our experts have the knowledge, experience, and skills to keep your fireplace in peak condition throughout the year. Connect with our service center today to avail our professional service.

How Often Should Gas Fireplace be Serviced?

Knowing when to get your gas fireplace serviced depends on how much you use your unit. If you find yourself lighting a fire often throughout the cold season, consider servicing your unit once a year before the season begins and before winter starts. If you rarely use your fireplace, you may be able to service it once every 2 years, even though both propane and natural gas are clean burning gas fuels, they don’t produce the same byproducts as wood, but they can still produce buildup that needs to be cleaned away for safety reasons. proper cleaning and maintenance of your gas fireplace logs are essential.

How do You Service a Gas Fireplace?

6 Tips on How to Care for a Gas Fireplace

  1. Clean glass as needed. Most gas fireplace doors are removable for easy cleaning and access for gas logs .
  2. Clean interior as needed for proper operation. Using the wand attachment,
  3. Vacuum dust and debris from the fireplace interior.
  4. Clean Up all the logs.
  5. Replace batteries annually.
  6. Check the gas connections with soap bubbles for any gas leaks.
  7. Clean Vacuum Vent

How much does it cost to get the gas fireplace serviced ?

Most of the cleaning for a gas fireplace can be done on your own when the fireplace is not hot and either the pilot light is on or off. Read the manual before starting to open up for further step by step instructions. However, because of the vent, you should have an annual inspection for safety and precautions which costs around $150 -$200. If you want a thorough cleaning at the same time, the cost could be closer to $200 -$275.

Do gas fireplaces use a lot of gas?

A standard 20,000 BTU gas fireplace will use about 20 cubic feet of natural gas per hour. Given that price of natural gas is about $1.12 per A standard 20,000 BTU gas fireplace will use about 20 cubic feet of natural gas per hour. Given that the price of natural gas is about $1.12 per 100 cubic feet, running a standard-sized gas fireplace will cost about $0.30 / hour at 100% heating output. Gas fireplaces are not inexpensive to run and can also keep you warm and comfortable

In most cases gas fireplaces are not inexpensive to run. That’s primarily because the price of natural gas and propane are very (about $1.17 per 100,000 BTU) low compared to the price of electricity.

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