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Ventless Gas Logs & Vent Free Gas Fireplace logs

Gas Fireplace Design

Vent Free Gas Logs - Ventless Gas Fireplace Logs Vent Free Gas Logs are the complete energy efficient marvels of the new innovative technology. Today Ventless Gas Fireplace Logs come…

What Do You Do When Your Heat Pump Blows Cold Air? AVS Heating & Air Conditioning Tech Explains

What Do You Do When Your Heat Pump Blows Cold Air

The heat pump is a versatile device. It can both cool and heat homes. In summer, a heat pump extracts and transfers heat from the surrounding environment to another location.…

An Overview of Using Fireplaces in Your Home in 2020


Fireplaces are a key element in homes these days. They can be used for ambiance, heat, and to set a mood. If you’re going to be designing a room addition,…

3 Tips for the Perfect Fireplace Surround Design


If you are planning on adding a fireplace to your existing home or perhaps designing a home that includes a fireplace, the fireplace surround design is going to be an…