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Are you noticing a sharp rise in your electricity bill? Your air conditioner may be to blame. Over time, air conditioners could lose their efficiency. In addition to consuming more electricity, an inefficient air conditioner can keep running into problems and may not cool properly.

Follow these tips to improve the efficiency of your unit.

Keep Vents Clean and Unblocked

Keep furniture, blinds, rugs, toys and other items away from your vents. To prevent dirt from building up inside your vents, dust and vacuum them regularly. Make it a habit of walking around your house at regular intervals to make sure your vents are unblocked.

Regularly Change Your AC Filter

Over time, your AC filter could become clogged. Clogged AC filters are unable to trap dirt, dust and other contaminants and can lead to airflow problems. Restricted airflow can force your AC to work longer and harder. ACs that are forced to go into overdrive frequently may not cool properly and also have a shorter lifespan.

To prevent airflow problems, replace your AC’s filter every 30-90 days. If your pets shed a lot or someone in your home has a seasonal allergy or your AC runs non-stop for hours, you will want to replace the filter more frequently.

Clean the Outdoor Unit and Shade it

Clear away any debris and trim vegetation back around your outside unit. To clean it, first switch off your AC and remove the top of the unit. Get rid of leaves and any other debris struck inside the unit and brush away dirt and dust. Spray coils with an AC coil cleaner. Let the solution sit on your coils for 5-10 minutes and then rinse away. Be careful to avoid spraying the electrical parts of your outdoor unit with water. Make sure the pad on which your outside unit rests is level. Shade it using a shade cloth.

Keep the Drain Line Clean

Dirt, dust and debris can clog the drain line of your AC. A clogged drain line can not only affect the performance of your AC, it can also lead to water damage. To unclog your drain line, pour a cup of chlorine breach followed by a gallon of water down it. Go outside your home and check the drain line to make sure it isn’t buried under mulch or dirt.

Keep Your Windows Closed

Keep your windows closed during the hottest times of the day to prevent heat gain and stop conditioned air from escaping. Conversely, open your windows at night to let the fresh air in. Remember the cooler your home, the easier it is for your AC to maintain your desired house temperature.

Stay on top of AC Maintenance

Every household appliance needs regular maintenance. ACs are no exception. Hire an AC maintenance service in Oakton, VA to inspect and maintain your AC at regular intervals. Periodic professional maintenance nips AC problems in the bud, keeping your AC running at optimal efficiency. AC tune up services in Oakton, VA hire seasoned professionals. With their trained eyes, AC experts never miss a detail and can identify the subtle signs of AC problems.

Keep Heat Producing Appliances Away From Your Thermostat

Do not place your thermostat near heat-producing appliances such as your laptop, microwave or TV or in an area that receives a lot of sunlight or it might produce inaccurate readings and instruct your AC to work harder increasing wear and tear on it.

Make Sure Your Ductwork is Properly Insulated

Uninsulated ducts can leak conditioned air. Have a professional insulate any exposed ductwork in your attic or crawlspace. Your contractor will also fix any leaky ducts to improve your AC’s efficiency.

Fix any Leaks Around Your Doors and Windows

Gaps around doors and windows can allow cool air to escape. Use caulk to fill small gaps around your doors and windows. For larger gaps, use expanding polyurethane spray foam.

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