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An inadequate air conditioner could underperform on a hot sunny day, leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. The transition from the winter to the summer season calls for one mandatory task: inspecting all the cooling equipment.

This is when your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system would need some maintenance. A properly working air conditioning system will be able to keep up with the drastic changes from winter to summer, even after staying dormant.

There is a way to keep your HVAC system well maintained with excellent and on-time servicing. In addition, specific indications will let you know if your HVAC system needs repair. Continue reading for more information.

How to Understand That the HVAC System Needs Repair?

A small change in the climate control of your HVAC system will become highly noticeable when the climate varies drastically. With regular usage, there are high chances for the system to develop different kinds of faults or defects that affect the performance, making it essential for us to identify and repair it.

These ten warning signs can help you determine that it’s time to repair your HVAC system.:

1. When the air-conditioner starts blowing out hot air, there is a strict need for inspection.
2. If there’s a foul odor coming out of your unit, it may be because of the machinery liquid in the vent or burnt-out wires. It is essential to seek expert advice in this situation.
3. If the temperature displayed on the thermostat doesn’t tally with the outside temperature, it may need replacement. Changing the batteries can be one option. However, if it persists, calling the service center will be a good option.
4. If you get a higher electricity bill than your usual amount, you need to get the whole unit checked by the experts. They will then give you a clear manifestation of the scenario.
5. If your HVAC system reaches the end of the guarantee period, you must have a maintenance check done.

Some frequent issues you can encounter are:

1. Water or gas leakage.
2. Sudden disconnection of the unit due to overuse.
3. The system takes longer to start than the average expected time.
4. Unusual smell.
5. Automatic fluctuations of temperature.

These are some to-the-point warning signals that you may experience over time with your HVAC system. Make sure you get in touch with our reliable service center to keep your system up to date. Ignoring these signs could damage your HVAC system permanently.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep an eye out for anything other than the usual happening with the HVAC unit.

If you have ever noticed any of these warning signs in your HVAC system, reach out to us at AVS Heating & Air Conditioning. You can contact us at (703) 783-7562 to get an excellent HVAC repair service in Arlington and Manassas, VA.