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Furnaces ignite combustible gasses to generate heat and keep your home warm. A crack within the exchanger is the most damaging risk and may result in severe furnace malfunctions. If your furnace is giving off signs of wear and tear, contact AVS Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace repair. We offer services in Fairfax, VA, and the surrounding areas.

The Signs of a Damaged Furnace Heat Exchanger

  • Strange Smells: If your heat exchanger malfunctions, it can emit an unpleasant chemical smell. The smell can be followed by other ailments like nausea and headaches. It could signify that harmful chemicals may be present in your surroundings.
  • The Water Around the Furnace: It could indicate an issue with a cracked heat exchanger. In any situation, a professional should examine the issue to avoid any more damage to your home.
  • Abnormal Flame: The ignition flame must be a constant blue flame that indicates that the burner is performing correctly. A yellow flame could indicate it is due to a dirty burner or that there is an unrepaired heat exchanger.
  • Black Soot Buildup: Soot is the result of burning carbon. If you see any of it on the inside of your furnace, that indicates something wrong. Alongside an unintentionally damaged heat exchanger, it could be that your burners haven’t been appropriately adjusted. Both of these issues can cause carbon monoxide production.
  • Wear and Tear: If the furnace’s exterior deteriorates, your heat exchanger is more prone to crack. It could mean it is becoming older, no longer functioning effectively, and requires replacement.
  • Physical Ailments: Unexpected tiredness, confusion, eye or nose irritation, headaches, nausea, or fever can be caused by carbon monoxide. If you experience some of these signs, consult your doctor immediately and let a technician investigate your home to find the source of the problem.

What Can Cause the Heat Exchanger to Fail?

  • Metal Fatigue: It’s one of the most important reasons a heat exchanger cracks. When the heat exchanger is heated, the metal expands. As the temperature of the heat exchanger starts to decrease, it begins to contract. Metal’s continuous expansion and contraction can end up causing the exchanger to fail.
  • Overheating: The most common reason why heat exchangers begin to fail is that they are overheated. A heat exchanger could overheat due to preliminary system design, ineffective installation, and maintenance. If a heat exchanger is overheated, the normal process of metal expansion and contraction accelerates, which can cause premature failure.
  • Dirty Air Filters: Dirty filters are significant reasons for the failure of the heat exchanger. A blocked filter may limit airflow, causing an exchanger’s temperature to rise and to suffer an excessive strain of expansion and contraction. The heat stress can cause cracks in the exchanger’s bends and other weak regions requiring fireplace repair. Get in touch with AVS Heating & Air Conditioning offering services in Arlington, VA, and neighboring areas.
  • Oversized Furnace: When a furnace’s too large, it can heat the home too fast so that the condensation can evaporate. It causes the heat exchanger to rust over time and increases heat stress.
  • Undersized Ductwork: A furnace with ductwork that is not sized correctly will result in restricted airflow. The absence of airflow will likely cause the heat exchanger to overheat.

AVS Heating & Air Conditioning can keep you secure with high-quality heating maintenance, repair, and safety inspections. If you find the heat exchanger cracked, contact us at (703) 457-9028 or drop us an email to arrange for furnace repair in Arlington, VA.