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Your cooling and heating system consumes most of the energy within your home. The cost of utility bills rise during the peak of summer and winter, as temperature control gets the most usage. Winter can be particularly challenging since heating costs significantly increase.

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency.

Let the heat flow easily.

Sometimes it’s as easy as moving the furniture. If part of the furniture is in the way of an air vent, the area will be uncomfortable with heat trapped there while the furnace is working to warm all the other rooms in the house.

When your air vents are brimming with debris and dust, cleaning them will enhance the performance of your system. If you find your heating system is still indicating signs of wear and tear, contact AVS Heating & Air Conditioning for a potential furnace replacement. We offer services in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas. If your system is equipped with radiators, put aluminum foil between them and the outside wall to reflect warmth to the space.

Insulation and Air Sealing are Important

Air sealing is one of the most efficient methods to improve the quality of your living space and increase the performance of heating systems. Adding insulation and sealing drafty spaces keeps cool or heated air within your home and keeps the summer cold and winter heat from your home.

In the end, the heating equipment won’t need to perform as hard to keep you warm and will last longer. If you do however have any inquiries regarding furnace services, contact AVS Heating & Air Conditioning offering services in Arlington, VA.

Set Outdoor Reset Controls on the Gas Boiler

The temperature of your boiler will be set to automatically adjust upwards or downwards based on the temperature of the outside by adding the weather-sensitive reset control. It means your boiler will not become excessively hot.

Use a Space Heater to Create Warmth.

Space heaters are showing results, and their usage will help you save cash. Put the heater in the space where your family is most often during the days when everyone is at home. According to our experts for furnace service in Arlington, VA, it is best to insulate the room in the best way possible by shutting all doors.

Stop Heating a Cold or Unoccupied Home.

If you’re still managing your thermostat by hand, consider installing a programmable thermostat. By lowering your thermostat by 10 degrees while sleeping, one can save around 15 percent. The furnace will have to work for a short time to return to its normal mode, but the time spent in downtime when you’re asleep or absent is more than compensating for the short bursts of energy.


Everyone benefits if you take just a bit of time to clean up your heat loss hotspots. Your energy costs will decrease, as does your home’s release of CO2.
For more such tips, contact AVS Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us at (703) 457-9028 or drop us a mail to learn more about furnace replacement in Alexandria.