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The air conditioner is one of the greatest inventions of our time. No matter how hot it gets outside, your AC maintains your desired home temperature. You cannot install your AC and forget it and should make regular AC maintenance a top priority. Periodic AC maintenance keeps your AC in tip top shape.

Following are some benefits of regular AC maintenance.

Prolongs AC Lifespan

When an AC isn’t maintained properly or regularly, several problems could occur. For example, dirt and dust can accumulate on AC parts, affecting the system’s energy efficiency or even causing it to overheat and eventually break down. If you do not clean your unit’s drain line regularly, it could become clogged causing serious, even irreparable damage to your system.

Unaddressed AC problems could snowball into major concerns over time. Proactive AC maintenance nips AC problems in the bud, preventing them from snowballing into major concerns. It can save you money on repairs and extend the lifespan of your system.

If you think regular AC maintenance is expensive, think again! An unaddressed AC problem could lead to serious damage to your system and you may have to replace it sooner than you expected.

Improves AC Efficiency

If you do not maintain your AC regularly, airflow problems could occur or you may end up with leaky ducts, that could affect your unit’s efficiency. An inefficient AC does not cool properly and can leave you hot and sweaty on a sweltering summer afternoon. It also consumes more electricity.

Regular maintenance keeps your unit running efficiently. During AC maintenance sessions, your contractor performs necessary repairs, lubricates moving parts to reduce friction between them, replaces parts that are beyond repair, and cleans the outdoor unit, evaporator coil and drain line to ensure your unit works at its peak efficiency.

Prevents Costly Repairs

A poorly maintained system keeps running into problems and could prove very costly to run. Regular AC maintenance addresses the root causes of AC problems in a timely manner. During maintenance sessions, your contractor repairs and/or replaces faulty parts before they could cause damage to other parts.

Maintains AC Warranty

ACs come with manufacturer warranties. Most AC warranties cover essential components such as the compressor, connecting tubing, and condenser. Many manufacturers require that their customers have their systems maintained at regular intervals to keep their warranties intact. Lack of AC maintenance in Fairfax Station, VA can void your warranty. It is therefore important that you have an AC tune-up service in McLean, VA inspect and maintain your AC at least once a year.

Ensures Comfort

When temperatures soar, the last thing you need is an AC that does not cool properly. If you don’t maintain your air conditioner routinely, it may stop working, take longer to cool your home, or short cycle. Short-cycling occurs when your air conditioner frequently switches on and off, failing to achieve your desired temperature. Regular AC maintenance helps retain your AC’s ability to cool spaces evenly and maintain ideal indoor humidity level.

When Should You Have Your AC Serviced?

Have a professional maintain your AC system once a year-preferably in the early spring. Because summer is a busy season for HVAC contractors, your contractor may put your service request on hold if you wait any longer. Also, having your system serviced in early spring is a great way to prepare it for summer.

What’s Included in Professional AC Maintenance?

During a maintenance session, your contractor

  • Changes your AC’s filter
  • Checks system controls and recalibrates them if required to ensure proper cycling and safe operation
  • Makes sure your thermostat is installed properly and kept in a place away from heat sources
  • Checks and tightens electrical conditions
  • Checks and cleans condensate drain line
  • Inspects and cleans evaporator coil
  • Checks refrigerant level and tops up refrigerant if required
  • Cleans the outdoor unit and repairs or replaces bent fins

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