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Most furnaces last up to 15 to 20 years, and some can endure up to 30 years if properly maintained. But, no matter how well you look after it, your furnace will eventually approach the end of its useful life and will need a replacement. It isn’t easy to know the correct time to update your furnace. Numerous signs indicate you should start thinking about getting a fireplace repair in Arlington, VA.

Furnace replacement should not be your first option. Repairing your furnace is a better option if it is only a few years old and the furnace is causing the problem for the first time. If it is old and not performing as well as it should, look for some of the following signs:

The Furnace is Old

When your furnace gets older, its parts begin to wear out, energy-efficiency features begin to fail, and the furnace begins to require more care and services to keep it running. We propose that you begin to think about a new furnace even if you do not need one yet. Starting early allows you to consider the type and size of the furnace and the budget for it.

The Uneven Temperature in Your Home

When you roam around your house and observe major temperature changes between rooms, it is a sign that your furnace is losing its capacity to circulate heat correctly. First, make sure that there are no leaks in your ducts. If you find none, it may be time to replace the furnace.

The Furnace is Making Noises

Furnaces circulate a lot of air, and they are bound to develop some noise. However, any extremely loud or strange sound indicates that something is not working properly, you must replace your unit.

Furnace Producing Excess Carbon Dioxide

If your furnace is losing efficiency, then it may begin to produce too much carbon dioxide. This is unhealthy for everyone in your house and indicates that you need a new furnace.

High Energy Bills

Faulty furnaces tend to work hard to heat your home, resulting in greater energy bills. This might be time for the new furnace if your bills start to rise regularly.

The Furnace Needs Frequent Repair

Debris can clog or harm certain parts, and others can wear out over time. However, as repairs become more regular and costly, replacing your furnace becomes a better financial decision.

Before you install a new furnace, think about where it should go in your house. It makes sense to install it where your old furnace was, but if you are replacing your electrical furnace with a gas furnace or vice versa, the old location is not suitable for efficient venting.

To stay warm throughout the year, you will need a furnace in top shape. Regular furnace servicing will keep it running as long as possible, but when it begins to show signs of wear and tear, it is time to consider replacing it. If you reside in Fairfax, VA. or the surrounding areas, give us a call or visit our website if you consider buying a furnace. We will evaluate your current heating system, analyze your needs, and provide the best boiler services.