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When buying a new furnace, many people tend to buy a bigger one hoping it offers better and faster heating. Unfortunately, buying an oversized furnace wastes energy and poses many other issues. If you are wondering why buying an oversized furnace is not a good idea, continue reading this post until the end to learn about the downsides of an oversized furnace.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Short Cycling: One of the major drawbacks of an oversized furnace is that it turns on and off frequently before reaching the set temperature. The issue occurs because the furnace is too big, which in turn leads to overheating. As a result, the safety sensors trigger a shutdown to prevent any damage to the furnace or any other major risk.
  2. Uneven Heat Distribution: Another major drawback of an oversized furnace is that it leads to uneven distribution of heat throughout a space. That’s because, as mentioned earlier, oversized furnaces tend to shut down before reaching the desired temperature, which in turn leads to uneven heat distribution. If you have cold spots in your home after a recent furnace replacement, chances are your furnace is oversized.
  3. High Energy Bills: As you would know, a furnace consumes a lot of power when it’s switched on. Since an oversized furnace tends to turn on and off too frequently, it leads to a lot of power consumption. Also, the bigger the furnace, the more energy it would consume during regular operations. The same holds true for oil and gas furnaces too.
  4. Increased Wear and Tear: The frequent turning on and off of the furnace leads to an increased load on major furnace components such as the heat exchanger and motor. As a result, there’s excessive wear and tear, which in turn leads to part replacement. The increased wear and tear also lead to a shorter furnace lifespan, leading to a sooner-than-expected furnace replacement.

Final Words

Now that you know the drawbacks of installing an oversized furnace an informed decision the next time you invest in a new furnace. Make sure you consult our furnace installation expert in Burlington, Binbrook, Grimsby, and nearby areas when planning for a furnace replacement.

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