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air conditioner troubleshooting

In the first part of this two part series, we had discussed some of the most common AC related issues. We believe that there are more problems that occur every day. Now that we are back with the second part of this issue, let us dive into the topic and discuss some more common problems that every AC owner can come across. We will be able to find the underlying reasons behind such technical malfunctions.

Any problems with the condenser can make things heat up!

AC Troubleshooting Common Problems How to Fix Them

One of the most overlooked parts of the AC system is its condenser coil. After months or years of usage, these items tend to get heated. It’s worth noting that the condenser coil helps in discharging the heat off the air and expelling the same out of your living area.

If your condenser is not working properly, you will experience a warmer temperature in your home. This is something you must avoid. The condenser coil is a valuable part of the AC’s outdoor unit. This means that it is exposed to dirt and pollutants of the environment. Don’t let it rot, ask for professional help.

Is your AC’s evaporator coil frozen?

It is the AC’s evaporator coil that keeps the internal temperature in your room cooler. Any instance of a damaged coil would lead to a warming temperature. Such coils contain refrigerant enabling the same to absorb heat. Because of a lack of enough airflow, an ice layer is likely to form around the coil. This would ensure that none of the warm air is released from the room.

This, in turn, leads to a heated atmosphere in the room. This experience can be particularly discomforting during summers. In order to keep such things in the bay, it’s recommended that you consult with our professional technician. Routine check-ups are the sure way of avoiding such problems.

Blocked Waterway

On many occasions, the drainage system inside the AC is blocked due to the accumulation of dirt materials. This clogging affects the smooth transportation of moisture from the AC to the outer atmosphere. This might result in water invasion and damage the AC’s interior locations. Don’t let this happen as it can permanently damage your air conditioner.

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