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A split AC is easy to install, and the installation of air ducts is not required. People usually give less attention to the installation procedure and preventive measures of ductless AC.

Even though no ductwork is required in split AC installation, separate indoor units must be installed in individual rooms. The entire process involved before and during ductless AC installation in Alexandria deserves your attention.

Consider Four Factors For Split Air Conditioning Installation


Location is an essential factor that you should consider before installing an HVAC unit. Check the following things while choosing the location for your ductless system:

  • There should be no airflow blocking appliances or components.
  • No trash near the indoor and outdoor unit
  • Direct sunlight must not reach the indoor unit.
  • Both the units should not be installed in the most heated area.

These are the points you should keep in mind while choosing the location. To avoid the direct reach of sunlight, install the AC opposite to the sunlight reaching the area.


Overheating, temperature fluctuation, excessive energy consumption, uneven temperatures, etc, are problems with incorrect AC size. In one sentence, too big or too small AC reduces the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. In this circumstance, an AC repair will not help you, and you will have to spend unwillingly on AC replacement.

There are multiple ways to choose the ideal size for AC. You can multiply the residence size, i.e., length, width, and height, by 25, and you will get the BTU level you should look for in your AC. You can also use HVAC size calculators available on online websites, or you can prefer an HVAC specialist’s help.

Enough gap:

There should be enough space between the indoor and outdoor units. You should maintain proper gaps between the indoor unit and wall for wiring connection and refrigerant line. If there is not enough space, the possibility of premature wear and tear increases.

Wall strength:

Make sure you choose a strong wall for your AC installation. Do not rely on false ceilings or weak walls of your house. Place your air conditioning unit on a wall that could handle the weight of your AC unit forever. The wall must be strong enough that no climate changes, storms, heavy rainfall, etc., affect the installed indoor unit.


We recommend these four tips to be followed before the installation of ductless AC. In addition to these four factors, you should also take care of its noise level, SEER rating, lifespan warranty, and AC brand before going for the air conditioning installation in Alexandria. These factors will benefit you for the entire duration you use your ductless AC.

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