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It is never a good idea to spend even a day without a heating system in the winter season. The condition can be worse if the furnace is old and breaks down. Hvac Furnace Repair Chantilly is available, but it is wise to know if your system requires repair or replacement. Some signs will tell you that it’s time for furnace replacement. Look for these signs closely.

1. Furnace turned 10+ years old

A furnace demands maintenance. That is the truth, but still, it has a certain lifespan. A good quality furnace unit is efficient till the 15 years of age maximum. The furnaces don’t come with expiry dates, but the behavior and performance say that so. It is vital to keep a check on furnace age. The older system demands more maintenance and is less efficient. It is unnecessary if the furnace is old, so replace it, but if you know, it keeps an eye on its performance.

2. Decreasing indoor warmth

Even though the heat is on, feeling cold indoors provides perhaps the most obvious motivation for taking a close look at your furnace. The temperature drop can be because of thermostat issues, air leaking cracks, or burner malfunctions—a high time for furnace replacement to avoid more significant repercussions.

3. Gradual spike in energy bills

The furnace takes the maximum energy in the household. The efficiency of the furnace decides the amount of energy withdrawn. The less efficient system will draw more power resulting in high bills. The repair can boost the furnace’s performance, but that will be temporary if the system is old. If the issue persists, try furnace repair once or twice; otherwise, invest in a new one. The increase in operating costs is a big issue that can lose you a lot of money over some time.

4. Check for abnormal sounds or smell

Inspection around the furnace can give you a brief health report of it. While physically inspecting your furnace, check for some unusual foul smell and annoying sound. The repair can sort both the issues but the intensity of the problems decides if it needs replacement. The annoying sound may point towards some significant mechanical damage. The unusual smell around the furnace must need professional attention.

5. Dust is all over the place

If you notice an increase in dust composition around your house even if you’re cleaning it daily. Take a check on your furnace without a miss. When the furnace cannot filter harmful dust particles even after replacing air filters, consider replacing it. The expert says the air filters need replacement every 1-3 months. To prevent complete damage to your HVAC system, consider changing the furnace. deals in Heating Furnace Repair Chantilly, furnace replacement. For any kind of furnace-related problems, contact our technicians now at 703-457-9028 .