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Can a dirty furnace filter cause a fire

A furnace is a critical part of HVAC units across every household in the US. But with great comfort comes a few risks. In the furnace, a typical combustion process takes place, which is capable of causing fire hazards. The professionals keep many factors in mind and set up the furnace accordingly. Though the quality team ensures safety, accidents can find its way. Being safe should be anyone’s primary concern. AVS Heating and Air Conditioning provides Heating Repair Contractor Gainesville to avoid such hazards.

As the climate starts getting colder, the house owners switch on the furnaces for the first time in months without maintenance. A furnace demands routine upkeep as it consists of intricate mechanisms. Inspection is just before the winter arrives; an HVAC professional will tune it up nicely for efficient performance throughout the season. The blockages and protection measures need attention too. The inspection also decreases future emergency breakdown risks.

A Blocked Air Filter

Yes, a blocked/dirty filter can increase the chance of fire hazards. Every domestic furnace will include an air clear out filter, which is critical for the heating device to breathe correctly. The filtration of air has specific steps:

First, the air filter will ensure that the air entering the environment is free from numerous undesirable substances, including dirt, dust, pollen, allergens, and pet hair.

Second, the air filter stops the above undesirable substances from inflicting harm to the furnace’s inner components.

Then the filters can turn out to be blocked and clogged with this dust/debris. When the air cleaning system is blocked, it will compromise the airflow, making it challenging for the furnace to attract clean air into the heating device. Eventually, the furnace will severely overheat, and the blower motor can also even seize.

For this reason, it’s a fantastic concept to alternate the air clean filters regularly. It is always a good practice to change your air filters monthly, especially if you live in a dustier area or own a pet.

Not just the fire hazard, clogged air filters can cause more significant issues to your furnace unit; here is the list:

  1. Blocked air filters increase energy consumption. Air circulation is essential for any system. The more struggle your blower fan will do to extract air, the more will be energy consumption.
  2. Uneven heating across the house. If a filter is blocked, then the airflow will be abnormal. Challenging is tough for the blower to deliver hot air through a clogged filter. Hence it will be tough to maintain inner temperature.
  3. Unhealthy indoor breathing environment. Clogging in the furnace is due to dust particles or the composition of debris. The air passing from such dirty filters will circulate in the entire house, warning indoor air quality index.
  4. Blockage in the airway can ultimately breakdown the system if there’s no action. It will be the reason behind the failure of individual components leaving behind a big hole in your pocket.


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