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The American dream house has gotten sophisticated over the years, and with it has increased the complicated nuances of keeping it safe and comfortable. Modern residential heating systems are prone to developing problems at frequent intervals as the upkeep and maintenance are high of these big, mean machines designed to provide optimized comfort.

From completely malfunctioning to being a prime reason for local fires, heating furnaces can pop up many troubles during the year. To minimize such threats, one must know the reasons behind needing HVAC Repair Manassas Va and they can be as follows:

  1. Maintenance Issues
    The simplest of reasons is almost always at the root of a malfunctioning heater. It can be too dirty from poor maintenance or hasn’t been tuned in very long – all of which leads to equipment failure. The heat exchanger fails as do the dirty filters in letting sufficient air move across. Irregular tuning on the other hand makes it impossible to light burners as the sensor gets covered in grime. Make sure to replace the filter every 3 months by an experienced HVAC Manassas Va technician. It is a useful investment in the long run that helps prevent having to replace costly parts.
  2. Blower Capacitor Issues
    The big battery-looking Blower Capacitor helps start the furnace once the thermostat setting instructs it to start. But unless the tolerance level is set lower than a specific level – the blower will not be able to achieve appropriate RPM.A simple solution for a dead capacitor that refuses to start the blower is to replace it as soon as possible.
  3. Thermostat Issues
    Improperly set thermostats will not turn on the heat as the HVAC thermostat malfunctions in regulating furnace-generated heat. Reasons vary from wear and tear to wrong programming or inadvertent reprogramming good solution is to opt for programmable thermostats that help you select different temperatures meant for different times of the day or night and even across a week. Energy-efficient as they are – you end up with a more affordable and sustainable option.
  4. Refrigerant Level Issues
    Refrigerant levels get low if heat pumps are used inside homes. This results in high utility bills since the heat strip comes on too often. Low refrigerant levels can also cause overheating and breakdown. One must keep a strict check on the levels and increase it lest the compressor gets ruined beyond repair.
  5. Ductwork Installation Issues
    If your installer had chosen to cut corners while designing and installing the ductwork – you will end up with a non-functional heater. The airflow would be obstructed and the heater system would short cycle – that too, frequently. The result is a complete breakdown. Getting an HVAC Manassas Va repair done by trusted technicians will help address the issue as they redesign the ductwork to prevent future problems. If you are in need of Furnace Service in Manassas, contact AVS Heating and Air Conditioning at 703-457-9028 to get year long comfort thanks to our dedicated team of technicians catering to all your water heater servicing needs. We have been serving the DC area with utmost sincerity since 1991.