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A gas furnace relies entirely on natural gas or propane to provide heat. In some cases, however, there can be a sufficient amount of natural gas or propane in the tank, but it still doesn’t reach the ignitor to continue the heating process.

This problem happens when your furnace system has a poor gas valve. Consider three signs to know if your furnace gas valve is at fault.

Three Indications Your Gas Valve is Fulty

The gas valve supplies the natural gas or fuel from the propane tank to the ignitor. The gas valve regulates the gas flow. It enables the igniter to light the pilot flame that heats the heat exchanger for hot airflow. The furnace will not work if the gas valve is in poor condition. Three signs indicate whether your gas valve is in good condition or not. Continue reading for more information.

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Complete System Failure

If your furnace suddenly shuts down after a few years of furnace installation, the culprit is probably a bad gas valve. If the gas valve is faulty, it will stop supplying the fuel. Then, the ignitor will not work, and the furnace system will stop blowing hot air.

Another common reason for complete system failure can be low voltage or faulty flame sensors. You should also ensure whether your furnace gas valve is open or not. Insufficient fuel can also cause furnace shutdown.

If there is sufficient fuel and the condition of the flame sensor is also intact, the gas valve needs to be repaired to fix the failure.

Gas Leakage

The leaking fuel indicates leakage through poor odors. If you smell gas leakage, you should immediately open all the windows and doors for ventilation. Then, exit your house and contact our technician for furnace evaluation.

Gas leakage imposes many safety hazards. If there is any spark from candles or any other ignition sources, gas leakage can cause a fire hazard. Leaking gas, if inhaled, gives rise to multiple health issues. One must never avoid leaking fuel.

If your furnace leaks gas, the gas valve is faulty and should be repaired on time. Ignored gas valve repair can also damage the entire heating unit.

Water Overflow

If there is any water pipe near your furnace, it may lead to water entering the gas valve and deteriorating its condition. The excessive moisture nearby can also lead to rusting. If there are cracks in the water pipe, the cracks will cause the flooded condition.


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