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Mini Split vs. Window AC Which Is Better for My Home 1

Do you reside in Arlington, VA, and are looking to install a new air conditioning system? If so, you will need to consider your options,; whether it’s through a window AC or through a mini split system. Installing ductwork can be expensive and a hassle for homeowners and that’s why many people opt for a window or mini-split (ductless) AC system.

If you prefer comfort and convenience, you should go with a mini-split system. If you’re tight on finances and don’t plan on spending a lot of time in the new room, a window AC will probably suit your needs.

In this write up, we’ll look at both types of AC’s to give you a better understanding of which option is best for you!

Window or Wall Air Conditioner

Both types of AC units have different advantages and disadvantages – the choice you make depends on your needs and what you’re willing to compromise on!

Pros of a Window AC

  • Price: They are much more economical and affordable than a ductless system.
  • Easy to install: Window units are simply mounted in an open window. Wall units are a little more complicated as they require a hole to be cut in an exterior wall.

Cons of a Window AC

  • Not very versatile: Window units require a window to the outside and wall units require an exterior wall to work.
  • Not aesthetic: Most window and wall air conditioners aren’t nice to look at. They’re big, bulky eyesores. Plus, window units take up one of your windows.
  • Noisy: Window units can be loud since the compressor and condenser are in the same unit and hanging from your window.
  • Security problem: A window unit could be an easy entry point into your home for a burglar.
  • Only cools one room: If you need to cool more than one room, you’ll have to buy additional window air conditioners.
  • Uneven cooling: Some window units leave the room feeling too cold or too warm, and can struggle to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Less energy-efficient than a mini-split system: Window and wall units generally consume more energy to cool a room, which results in higher monthly energy bills.

Mini-split Air Conditioner

AC systems that are ductless have been popular for years. They offer the advantage of a central AC system without needing all the expensive and difficult-to-install ductwork.

How a Mini-split Air Conditioner Works

A mini-split system works essentially the same way as a central AC system—just without the ductwork.

Similar to a central AC system, a ductless system has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit pulls in warm air from your room, removes heat from it to make it cooler, then blows the cool air back into the room.

All the heat that is absorbed from the warm air is carried to the outdoor unit, and is released outside. This process of cooling occurs over and over again until your room reaches the temperature you set it on.

Advantages of Mini-split Systems

  • Quiet: They make less noise!
  • Highly efficient: Compared to a window AC system, mini-split systems are more energy-efficient, which means you pay less for your monthly energy bills.
  • Size and style options: Mini split systems are small enough to be installed anywhere (as opposed to just on exterior walls).
  • Versatile: Ductless systems can be placed in more places around the house than window units. Also you can have up-to eight indoor units for each outdoor unit, this allows you to cool multiple rooms to the temperatures you desire
  • Comfort: Mini Split systems are generally speaking better at maintaining consistent temperatures than window units.

Disadvantages of Mini-split Systems

  • Price: The price to purchase and install a ductless AC system is much higher than a window unit.
  • Needs professional installation: Refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring related work must be done by a professional.

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Need Help Making A Decision Between the Two Systems?

  • Are you renting? If so, it’s much simpler to buy a window AC because it’ll be much cheaper in the short run, plus you would need the home-owners permission to install a ductless system.
  • Number of Rooms Cooled: If you want multiple rooms cooled than a ductless system is more advantageous.
  • Space Availability: If you don’t have enough windows, then a ductless AC system is a better option as it can be installed on any wall.
  • What’s your Financial Situation? If you’re tight on finances, a window AC is cheaper (at least in the short run).
  • Long term Living Plans? If you’re living in the home for many years to come then a ductless AC system is better because it’ll be overall more comfortable and save you money in the long run.


Choosing between a window unit or a ductless mini-split system will depend on what is a priority for you. If it’s the immediate cost then a window unit will be the cheaper route. If you are looking more at the long-term benefits, a mini-split ductless AC is a better overall investment.

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