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How To Determine If You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Service

We all know that furnace problems are awful and stressful. A cold winter night can easily become worse or even turn into a nightmare if your home furnace immediately stops functioning properly.  Besides the reduced comfort, a faulty furnace can also cause certain safety issues along with further system damages, which is why it is significantly essential to get your furnace immediately repaired. As a matter of fact, a lot of people tend to call professional experts for emergency furnace repair in Fairfax immediately after discovering problems with their furnace. These services help in restoring the optimal functioning of their furnace.  However, it is imperative for you to determine whether you really need emergency repair services and solutions for your malfunctioning furnace.

Important Signs to Show Your Need of an Emergency Furnace Repair

Here are some useful signs to help you determine whether you really need emergency repair services for your furnace.

  • Furnace Not Operating – If your furnace is not turning on at all, you can consider calling the emergency furnace repairing services as offered by furnace installation companies in Alexandria to restore its normal functioning. However, you can try setting up the thermostat and the electronic igniter to turn on your furnace, and if it still doesn’t work, you must consider taking the help of experts.
  • Strange Odour – If your furnace is emitting a dusty or musty smell, or if you smell smoke or some chemical odour in your indoor space, you must immediately turn off your furnace, and call for an emergency furnace repair service. In fact, your furnace could emit a strange smell due to some major problem with the electrical system. This is where you could need the emergency furnace repairing solutions that are offered by experts along with new furnace installation in Bethesda.
  • Poor Heat Output – If your home furnace is not functioning properly or is delivering poor heat output, it could be caused due to duct obstruction, clogged air filters, or other minor issues. So, if you want your furnace to operate just fine, and provide proper and enough heat, you must call for an emergency furnace repair service to get your furnace unit serviced properly.
  • Strange Noises – If you hear some thudding noise from your furnace due to improper combustion, or the screeching noise from its damaged blower motor, it is better to seek the professional and efficient repairing solutions that are offered by emergency furnace repair services.
  • Improper Flame – While operating your furnace, make sure that the pilot light of your furnace burner is blue. In case your burner’s flame is yellow, it is a sign of combustion problem. Now, this is where you might need emergency repair services for your furnace.

If you notice any of these above-mentioned signs while operating your furnace, you can consider reaching out to experts who offer emergency furnace repair services.

In case you have major issues with your furnace, our team of experts at AVS Heating & Air Conditioning can come to your help, and offer you their professional emergency furnace repair services.