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The usage of an HVAC system depends on the owner’s lifestyle, needs and requirements. The air filters of the unit also work according to these circumstances. The standard time in which you should consider changing your air filters is 60-90 days. If you would rather a technician change your air filters, rather than doing it yourself, consider contacting AVS Heating & Air Conditioning for professional assistance.

For cleaner air, change the furnace air filters at regular intervals. The particle deposition blocks the filter ultimately, which will hinder the air plus won’t trap the dust particles anymore. Breathing in the environment is not a good idea as it can lead to many severe respiratory issues. The furnace’s role is to generate warm air, but it will fail to deliver it. The continuous cycle of the furnace will take up more energy hence will reduce the furnace’s capacity.

How would you know when to change air filters exactly? There are some signs that you can pay attention to when you think your furnace is working in full efficiency:

  • If you notice more dust than usual, then you know where the issue can be.
  • While inspecting, you notice a visibly dirty filter.
  • The furnace is running continuously without a break. If you notice no automatic cut, then that load on the furnace might be because of air filter failure.
  • If you smell something unusual around your furnace, this points towards the furnace filters.


Various factors can help you understand how frequent you should replace the furnace filters:

  • Pet: If you’re an animal lover, then you should replace your filters every 30 days. The pet hair gets stuck in the air filters that decrease the performance of the furnace and life of filters. Also, cleaning pet fur from the filter on a regular basis will be a good practice to breathe in the fresh air.
  • Ventilation: If you love some fresh natural air and frequently open windows or doors for good ventilation then that might reduce the life of furnace filters. The air carrying dust particles will accumulate around your place. Get a higher quality of air filter and consider changing at least once in two months.
  • Heater Fan: The heater fan working time is inversely proportional to the age of furnace filters. If you’re continuously using your furnace in maximum hours of the day then air filters should be replaced in 60-90 days.
  • Dirty house: It is very important to keep your place clean for the long life of furnace filters. It is a mandatory step to keep filters clean and replace them every 90 days, and breathe in healthy indoor air.


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