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Ameristar Heating and Cooling is a renowned manufacturer of heating and cooling products. A subsidiary of Ingersoll RandIt, Ameristar offers heating and cooling solutions for home builders, property managers, and dealers.. Every Ameristar product is manufactured and tested to Ingersoll’s high quality standards. The manufacturer provides 10-year registered limited warranty on its products. Ameristar heating and cooling products are especially designed to provide optimum heating and cooling and consume less energy.


From air conditioners to indoor coils, Ameristar manufactures them all. No matter your budget and requirements, your nearest Ameristar dealer will have a solution that ticks all the right boxes for you. To help customers get the most of their Ameristar products, the manufacturer allows them to register their warranty.

Ameristar Heating and Cooling Products and Price

Ameristar Air Conditioners

Known for providing quiet and effective cooling, Ameristar air conditioners are equipped with scroll compressors and heavy-duty cabinets. These products provide quiet operation. They are designed to circulate fresh and clean air evenly throughout the building.

M4AC3 Air Conditioner M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4AC4 Air Conditioner M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4AC6 Air Conditioner


M4AC3 Air Conditioner


Ameristar Heat Pumps

Heat pumps by Ameristar provide year round comfort. They come equipped with a number of advanced features that allow them to operate almost noiselessly. Ameristar heat pumps consume less energy helping owners reduce their energy costs.

M4HP3 Heat Pump


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4HP4 Heat Pump


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4HP6 Heat Pump


M4AC3 Air Conditioner


Ameristar Air Handlers

Ameristar air handlers provide up to 16 SEER. Thanks to multiple installation configurations, you won’t have to spend a fortune on expensive customization. Many models feature a painted, galvanized steel cabinet designed to enhance durability.



M4AH4/M4AH6 Convertible Air Handler with All-Aluminum Coil


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4AH3/M4AH4 Convertible Air Handler


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
TMM4/TMM5 Upflow Air Handler


M4AC3 Air Conditioner


Ameristar Furnaces

Ameristar offers a range of natural gas and propane furnaces. Most models feature an aluminized steel heat exchanger for superior heat conduction and durability. A corrosion-resistant galvanized steel cabinet provides protection against corrosion.


A801X Furnace M4AC3 Air Conditioner
A951X Furnace


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
A952V Furnace M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M951P Furnace


M4AC3 Air Conditioner


Ameristar Packaged Units

Ameristar packaged units provide quiet and consistent operation. A durable, single steel cabinet offers protection against accidental damage. These products provide superior performance. Evey Ameristar packaged unit comes equipped with an efficient compressor that operates consistently.


4TCA4 Packaged Air Conditioner


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4PH4 Packaged Heat Pump Unit


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4PG4 Packaged Gas/Electric Unit


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
M4PW4 Over/Under Heat Pump Packaged Units


M4AC3 Air Conditioner


Ameristar Ductless Systems

Ameristar ductless systems can be mounted on a wall or in the ceiling. Designed to provide high-efficiency comfort, these products operate silently. Zero ductwork helps avoid installation and other complexities.

18 SEER Single-Zone Ductless System Energy Star


15 SEER Multi-Zone Ductless System


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
15 SEER Single-Zone Ductless System


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
18 SEER Single-Zone Low Ambient Ductless System


M4AC3 Air Conditioner
115 Volt Single-Zone Ductless System


M4AC3 Air Conditioner


Product Reviews and Installation Cost


The M4AC3 is the perfect air conditioner for price sensitive buyers. The unobtrusive air conditioner fits almost anywhere. The air conditioner distributes fresh air uniformly. The M4AC3 operates quietly. The air conditioner features highly efficient scroll compressors. The condenser coil is especially designed to maximise heat transfer and airflow.


One of the things that works in favor of the MP951P is its high AFUE of 95 percent. The versatile unit can be installed in an upflow or a horizontal left orientation. The aluminized heat exchanger utilized in the gas-fired furnace boasts high thermal conductivity and durability. The gas valve and burners operate efficiently without producing much noise. The cabinet features foil-faced fiberglass to prevent heat loss.


The ARI certified and ETL listed packaged air conditioner features efficient compressors .Auxiliary heaters are available in 5-20kw. The 4TCA4 is known for its small footprint. The over/under stacked supply and return configuration is designed keeping convenience in mind.

Repair cost

Ameristar product owners report spending anywhere between $800 and $1,100 to get repair issues addressed. The actual cost will depend on the nature and extent of the problem.

Special offers by AVS Heating

  • Water heater installation packages start at just $39.99/month
  • Drain cleaning packages start at just $199
  • Lifetime warranty available on new HVAC systems
  • Buyers opting for a complete system installation get a free thermostat


Like all machines, heating and cooling products need regular maintenance. Failure to address problems in a timely manner can result in them getting snowballed into major concerns. Why wait till a major repair issue comes knocking at your door? To consult our experts, call at 703-893-8847 . For further enquiries, fill out our  contact form


FAQs About Ameristar

Q: Where are Ameristar air conditioners manufactured?

Ans: China

Q: What is Ameristar warranty?

Ans: 5 year base limited parts warranty

Q: Where is the serial number on an Ameristar air conditioner?

Ans: on the top right rear

Q: How long do Ameristar air conditioners last?

Ans: 15-20 years

Q: Who makes American Standard systems?

Ans: Ingersoll Rand

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