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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Most people are not familiar with ductless air conditioners although these are known to have many benefits over standard systems. If you are planning to install an air conditioner in your home, then you must at least have a look at the process behind ductless air conditioning. Ductless air conditioners or split system air conditioners are known to bring about comfort and quality into your home. There are various models designed to suit varied requirements and budgets.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

There was a time when most homes without ductwork had no choice but to have very noisy and expensive window air conditioners. These would also need to be installed in every room, which would require a certain amount of cooling.

A ductless air conditioning system uses a system of ducts that deliver conditioned air throughout the house. Ductless air conditioning uses a wall or ceiling-mounted blower to deliver cool air to a room.

The ductless air conditioners are very apt for the concept of ‘spot cooling’. This is especially useful in various offices or areas that have computers, machinery etc that require a specific temperature to be maintained. This feature even helps to conserve energy. Ductless air conditioners prove to be very useful for your home as well. It does not affect the interiors and it does not have to be shifted with the onset of the colder season.

Ductless air conditioning systems consist of three parts:

  • A very quiet indoor air-distribution unit.
  • Some hidden refrigeration lines (that are used to link the units).
  • An outdoor compressor or condenser. (to which the units are linked).


Ductless air conditioners are also known as split system air conditioners or mini-split systems. As mentioned earlier the larger unit is placed outside the building or home. It is the smaller unit that provides cooling air throughout the home or office. This is possible because a pair of refrigerated coils is situated between these two parts. One of them takes away the warmer air from the inside. The other provides cooler and refrigerated air. The system is designed in such a way that it has a thermostat control and also a very quiet blower fan that helps to move the air around the unit and the home in a very efficient manner.

Ductless air conditioners or split system conditioners prove to be an excellent choice for any kind of climate. Ductless air conditioning is often used for whole-house cooling in homes, which have hot water radiant heat. In such cases, you can also find heat pump models that are available for efficient heating in the winter season as well.

Installation and Design of Ductless Air Conditioners:

These are very easy to install and also can be operational in a matter of a few hours. Here, all the technician needs to do is set up the outdoor condenser coil and compressor. Once the small hole is drilled for the copper tubing, the technician will hang the indoor fan coil units and connect the tubing and the electrical power lines. Once the wall controller is installed, most of the job is done.

Ductless air conditioners are also lightweight and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to blend with any design scheme. The outdoor units are designed to be efficient and durable and are also structured to blend in easily with the surroundings, as these are smaller than the conventional units.

Ductless air conditioning can, therefore, prove to be a great time and money saver. Check out your local store for different models and great deals!