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Mitsubishi is a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi air conditioners are both advanced and durable. They are developed to operate in wide-range climatic conditions. Every Mitsubishi product complies with stringent regulations before being put on the market for sale, every Mitsubishi air conditioner is subject to rigorous tests. Mitsubishi’s commitment to quality gives it an edge over rivals.

Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Products and Prices

Mitsubishi Room Air Conditioners

No matter how specific your needs, you will find a Mitsubishi product that meets your requirements. From wall-mounted air conditioners to recessed cassettes, the Japanese manufacturer makes them all. Mitsubishi equips many of its systems with state-of-the-art I-see sensor which it developed for better air conditioning control. Mitsubishi products come equipped with best in class silencing and energy-saving technologies.

Model Image Price
Mitsubishi SE-KA15NA.TH – 15k BTU Mitsubishi SE KA15NA.TH 15k BTU $1,880.00
Mitsubishi MZ-GL12NA – 12k BTU Mitsubishi MZ GL12NA 12k BTU $1,575.00
Mitsubishi MZ-FH12NAH – 12k BTU Mitsubishi MZ FH12NAH 12k BTU $1,944.00
Mitsubishi MZ-GL24NA – 24k Mitsubishi MZ GL24NA 24k $2,526.00
Mitsubishi MZ-HM15NA – 15k Mitsubishi MZ HM15NA 15k $1,482.00
Mitsubishi MZ-FH06NA – 6k BTU Mitsubishi MZ FH06NA 6k BTU $1,494.00

Mitsubishi Packaged Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi calls its series of small to medium type size split type room conditioners Mr. Slim. the compact yet powerful air conditioners are available in a range of capacity and design combinations. Known for their unparalleled efficiency, Mitsubishi inverter based products provide noiseless operation.

Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems by Mitsubishi are known for their superior efficiency. These green systems are designed to consume less energy. Characterized by a high coefficient of performance, these systems work flawlessly in different environments.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi heat pumps are designed to utilize atmospheric heat to provide efficient heating even in cold climates. Mitsubishi has been working in this field for quite some time now. Currently, it offers a heat pump with a COP of 4.1. Known for their compact design, heat pumps by Mitsubishi last long. Bringing one home will help you save on energy bills.

Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilators

Developed by Mitsubishi, the Lossnay technology works by preventing heat loss. This results in substantial energy savings. Lossnay ventilators are often used with other air conditioning systems.

Mitsubishi Air Curtains

Mitubishi’s line of high-performance air curtains comprises systems developed to work in almost any environment. Air curtains by Mitsubishi create a barrier of air between the indoor space and impure air from outside. These air curtains are designed to maintain the internal temperature for maximum comfort.

Mitsubishi Featured Products Reviews


The MSZ-GL12NA provides 23.1 SEER. The Energy Star rated wall-mounted mini split indoor unit operates almost noiselessly (maximum sound level-19 DB(A). The  24 hour timer is designed keeping convenience in mind. The MSY-GL12NA comes equipped with A,N filters. 5-speed fan control  provide better control. The 12,000 BTU air conditioner is designed to consume less energy.


The mini split indoor unit has a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity and 7,200 BTU heating capacity. The product offers up to 24.6 SEER. The MSZ-FH06NA comes equipped with A,N filters. The indoor unit has HSPF rating of 12.8. The Energy Star certified indoor unit  utilizes a 24-hour timer. A major USP of the product is noiseless operation (maximum-19 DB(A)


The mini split outdoor unit provides up to 23.1 SEER and 12.5 HSPF.The MUZ-GL12NA-U1 has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and heating capacity of 14,400 BTU. The product is Energy Star certified. Like other Mitsubishi products in the list, the MUZ-GL12NA-U1 operates almost noiselessly (as low as 49 DB(A)

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FAQs About Mitsubishi

Q: Where are Mitsubishi air conditioners manufactured?

Ans: Mitsubishi has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Japan, Scotland, Thailand, and China

Q: What is Mitsubishi warranty?

Ans: 5 year parts warranty and 7 year compressor warranty

Q: Where is the serial number on a Mitsubishi AC unit?

Ans: On the data plate

Q: How long do Mitsubishi air conditioners last?

Ans: 20+ years (with proper maintenance)

Q: Who makes Mitsubishi systems?

Ans: Mitsubishi and Ingersoll Rand

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