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Affordable Carrier AC Repair & Installation in Northern Virginia

Carrier is one of the most dependable and trusted brands in air conditioning systems. From residential to commercial products and service, it offers ample heating and cooling solutions for your home or office premises. These ACs help regulate temperature by keeping rooms at comfortable levels throughout the year. So, it’s imperative to keep your AC system in good working order by having it inspected annually, especially by a professional. Whether you are looking for the installation of a new carrier system or want to repair an old one, AVS Heating and Air Conditioning can help you out. Moreover, we provide a wide range of AC service designed specifically to meet the needs of Carrier users and other popular brands.

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Things to consider while choosing an Air Conditioning system!

If you are planning to purchase an air conditioning unit, pay attention to and look for these four features.

  • Comfort Level

The number one reason for buying an AC unit is to keep you comfortable. So, you should choose a model that will meet all your requirements. The latest Carrier ACs comes with automatic dehumidifiers and air purifiers to remove extra moisture and dirt from the air, respectively.

  • Temperature control

Temperature control is perhaps the most helpful feature for people living in hot and humid climates. You need to make sure that the temperature control is accurate and reliable to keep the room in a constant temperature range at all times. Additionally, this feature lowers the moisture content in the air by either removing moisture from it or adding dry air to it, reducing the risk of mold growth and keeping the air fresher.

  • Noise level

The outdoor unit of an AC system may produce a low hum that can be heard when you are near it. However, newer models of Carrier have sound-absorbing material installed on their exteriors. If you want to avoid this sound, choose a model that uses this feature.

  • Energy saver

An air conditioner’s energy efficiency rating (EER) determines how much energy it consumes while running at full load conditions. An air conditioner with higher EERs consumes less energy than those with lower EERs because they produce more cooling per unit of electricity consumed.

A Complete Suite of Carrier AC Service

Our technicians can provide you with any service related to your home comfort system, including installing new equipment, replacing components, or repairing existing units. We have 60 years of experience installing and maintaining Carrier brand products, including furnaces, air conditioners, gas boilers, and water heaters. We also offer on-site repair for residential and commercial AC systems, including ACs (central air), ductless systems, and packaged units (mini splits).

  • Carrier AC Installation

Do you want to ensure that your new carrier AC system is correctly installed so that it functions efficiently and effectively for years to come?
We offer professional installation service for all makes and models of air conditioners. Our technicians are trained and experienced in properly installing your new air conditioner in no time at all.

  • Carrier AC Repair

A malfunctioned AC can be inconvenient and dangerous if left unattended, especially during the cold winter months when you need heating to stay warm! Whether you have broken fan blades or a simple leak, our NATE-certified, licensed repair team is available to assist you with all your carrier AC repair needs.

  • Carrier AC Maintenance & Tune-Up

Our team will ensure that your carrier air conditioning unit is running at peak performance by performing routine maintenance checks on them. Routine maintenance checks can help detect problems early on before they become significant issues that require more extensive repairs later on down the road.

Best-In-Class, Proactive Safety Measures

At AVS Heating and Air Conditioning, the safety of our customers and employees is our priority and responsibility.

  • Mask and Gloves

Our technicians wear masks, gloves, and other protective gear while working to avoid any injuries or infections.

  • Regular Temperature checks

Temperature checks are also done on a regular basis to ensure that there are no risks involved in the process.

  • Sanitized Tools & Equipment

After each use of any tool or piece of equipment, we thoroughly clean it with an approved sanitizer before being put away again.

How Do You Know You Need Air Conditioning Service?

When it comes to air conditioning, you have plenty of options. You can buy an entire unit and install it yourself or hire a professional to do the same thing. But how would you know when it’s time for service? You may not realize it, but several signs indicate that you have an issue with your air conditioning system. So if you’re unsure whether you need air conditioning service, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Do you notice your unit running more than usual?
2. Are there any unusual sounds coming from your system?
3. Is it blowing colder or warmer than usual?
4. Do you notice moisture on the walls, floors, or ceiling above the vents?
5. Does your home’s temperature feel inconsistent from room to room?

At AVS Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer same-day AC repair service in Fairfax, VA, and surrounding areas when you need them most!

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VIP Maintenance Membership Plans

At AVS Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer several VIP Maintenance Membership plans to our clients interested in taking advantage of our professional service. These plans are ideal for people who want maintenance performed on their HVAC systems at regular intervals. Our technicians will come out to your home or office on a schedule that suits you best and perform all necessary repairs or maintenance work right away so that you don’t have to wait too long before it gets fixed.

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