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In winters, when you experience the chills of the cold weather and urge for some warmth, a furnace can come to the rescue. But, if that furnace starts giving low airflow in the winter, it can cause you trouble and discomfort. Proper heat and proper airflow are vital features of a furnace.

Sufficient airflow also prevents any unevenness in the temperature. But if these features don’t work correctly, there is a need to look for the causes and find solutions to fix them. Thus, here are given the primary reasons behind the decrease in the airflow from a furnace:

  • An insufficient number of return air vents.

A closed-loop furnace is standard in houses. The amount of air blown from a furnace and the amount that returns through the air vent must be equal to maintain the cycle to reach the intended temperature.

Thus, short return vents in the room can lower the airflow. To fix this problem, you need to increase the number of return vents. Professionals like Heat pump system installation in Reston can be sought for help.

  • Air filters are not clean.

Generally, the pollutants like pollen, dust mites, mold spores, dust, pet dander, and smoke are filtered out through the air filters. But, when an air filter can not handle the pollutants, it obstructs the air in the system. It results in weak airflow from a furnace. Hence, it becomes essential to clean the filters regularly to avoid this problem.

  • Leakage in the air duct.

If air is not coming through the vents, it indicates that there can be a crack or hole in the air duct behind the wall or ceiling. Due to this hole or damage, the air would escape before reaching the required destination, and hence airflow would be hindered. You can call for heat pump repair in Fairfax to fix the hole or crack.

  • Dampers are not opened in the air ducts.

Dampers are used to regulate the airflow by obstructing and opening the pathways of the duct. They can be controlled through a lever or a thermostat. If they are not opening, it could hinder the furnace’s airflow. You can refer to some professionals to check it and solve the problem.

  • The flexible air ducts are not working.

The air ducts can be of various types like hard ones or flexible ones. The adjustable air ducts are more prone to damage. In this situation, you can go for heat pump repair in Fairfax.

  • Air ducts are congested.

If the air ducts are clogged or congested through the pollutants like dust particles, it will obstruct the airflow. The indoor air quality would also suffer. Regular maintenance can be the best solution to fix this issue.

  • The air handler is damaged.

The blower and motor of the air handler regulate the airflow for heat exchange. It cannot work correctly if bent, cracked, or faulty. Thus to repair or replace it, you can refer to Heat  pump system installation in Reston.

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